2/3 inch x-mount camera? - X20 with interchangeable lenses?

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    Fuji Rumors posted a new rumor that there will be a new X-mount body with a 2/3 inch sensor.

    Tiny 2/3 inch sensor for the large X-mount. A waste of space? | Fuji Rumors

    I find this really odd and bet there is an error in the translation from the original German post or that they got it wrong somehow. Either there is a new X body coming out but with a sensor larger than 2/3 inch{perhaps m4/3 sized?}. Or that Fuji is going to make an interchangeable lens version of the X20 but with it's own mount design. It could even be a super cheap APS body with no viewfinder. The article does state that this camera will go up against the Nikon 1 and Pentax Q which would favor a smaller sensor.

    A new source confirms: new X-body entry level camera announced in July (body+lens for $550) | Fuji Rumors

    This second rumor states that there is a new body coming and that it will be entry level, priced at about $550. I could easily see the X20 without a lens fitting this. I do hope that Fuji builds it with a VF, even an electronic one it is better than none. The thing I can't see is Fuji trying to produce multiple lines of lenses.

    I guess we will just have to wait and see what this turns out to be. What do you think about these rumors?
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    Feb 6, 2013
    Well, I thinks it's obvious that the market couldn't allow the Pentax Q to continue w/unfettered domination in the world of interchangeable lens/microscopic sensors. Oops, I mean Xtreme depth of field devices.
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    Feb 1, 2013
    Rico Pfirstinger
    An X-S2 with X-Trans would be nice.
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    I am very curious to find out what these cameras turn out to be. If the one is an updated X-S1 then that is fine although nothing I am interested in. The other one however - what is it??

    One thing I suggested might be a possible was a X-body with a slightly smaller sensor. Those of use who use micro 4/3 have been begging for a rangefinder style body. Wouldn't it be cool if Fuji built an X-m4/3 body!