A few HDRs from today's hike

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    I tried a few AE bracketed EV 0/-1/+1 images with the X30, and combined them using HDR Efex Pro2 as one way to deal with high contrast scenes that I often encounter on our hikes. What do you think? Shown below are the 0EV reference image and the HDR version.

    DSCF3015.JPG DSCF3017hdr.JPG DSCF3018.JPG DSCF3020hdr.JPG DSCF3037.JPG DSCF3039hdr.JPG DSCF3040.JPG DSCF3042hdr.JPG
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    Most of us know that a common characteristic of HDR can be oversaturation . . and the HDR versions above (my first attempts) definitely seem oversaturated to me. I recreated a couple using the exact same process but using the Saturation slider to drop saturation to -15 . . and I like these much better . . very true to what I remember my eye seeing. I can see myself using this technique a lot more now that I know it can produce more realistic looking images without the obvious "HDR" look. Rat Lake 2 2017-08-07.JPG Rat Lake 2017-08-07.JPG
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    I think you are doing well. As a general rule I dislike HDR, mainly because the examples I have seen have that hyper "shortbread tin" look that hurts the eyes. These are much more subtle and I like what you are doing.