Babcock State Park

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    May 2, 2016
    Yesterday's weather was perfect; too perfect to be inside when our lush foliage was at its Autumn peak. Added to that was the weather report stating we were to experience storms and heavy rain last night and today, and my hunch that yesterday was the last day of the really good foliage was spot on. Soooooo, road trip it is! I drove to Babcock State Park, located along the New River Gorge in Fayette County, WV. I don't know who keeps such statistics, but it is claimed that Babcock's Grist Mill is the most photographed landmark in WV. It was certainly busy yesterday; when I arrived, there were 8 or so cars in the parking lot near the mill. After I walked around and got my photos, I drove to another part of the park. When I drove back past the mill, the lot was completely full of cars, and people were swarming all around the mill. Glad I got there earlier!

    The photos from the rocks were at a spot known as Island in the Sky Trail, way up a mountainside above Glade Creek. It was a very long drop from the edge of those rocks, and my stomach was full of butterflies by the time I was finished. Heights and I just don't agree with each other! All pics with an X30.

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