Creede CO w/18-55 and X-E1

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    DSCF0134-Edit-10. DSCF0216-8. DSCF0213-7. DSCF0204-6. DSCF0196-5. DSCF0181-4. DSCF0180-3. DSCF0153-2. DSCF0145-1. DSCF0230-9.

    This is a beautiful old mining town at the headwaters of the Rio Grande.
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  2. entropic remnants

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    Jul 28, 2013
    Lovely and dramatic. Thanks for posting!
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    Jul 24, 2013
    Memphis, TN
    Looks like a touch of fall beginning to set in. Nice.
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    The town of Creede sits at app. 9000 ft. Those ridges in the photos are 10,000 ft. I live at 8000 ft. It's actually colder in the lower elevations ( i.e.. bottom of the valley). We've already had a 28 degree morning! Alamosa, which sits at 7200 ft. and the bottom of the San Luis valley ( the largest alpine valley in the world), is often the coldest place in the continental US. -40 occurs more often than they'd like!