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    Jan 4, 2014
    Hi !
    Thanks to Rico for all the information that is being made available to existing and new users of Fuji camera especially regards the aspects that are specific to the Fuji cameras!:)

    I am requesting some info [even links will do ] in the direction of the foliage smearing that was seen in the APS-C sensored mirrorless cameras and now the waxy skin appearence .There is a entire thread in the DPR that is agog with the discussion about the phenomenon and has users hoping that the defect will be addressed in a firmware update !:(

    Here is the link

    I am planning to acquire the XA-1 /XM-1and will be obliged if I can be helped to find my way around these obstacles !

    Thank u in advance for the responses that may come !:)
  2. entropic remnants

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    Jul 28, 2013
    The solution is usually an external RAW converter, which for a casual photographer may not be affordable. I use Photo-Ninja for critical stuff. Many Mac users use Iridient. Capture One also does a good job.

    It solved my green-smearing when I have had that problem.

    I shoot RAW+FINE JPG and use the JPG if it's good, process the RAW in Lightroom if not, and finally convert with Photo Ninja if the shot still gives me the problem. For the majority of my material, Photo Ninja isn't needed, but for some it's the only solution of the three: OOC JPG, Lightroom RAW, and Photo Ninja RAW.

    I'd say maybe 10% of my shots "need" Photo Ninja. About 25% I can get from jpg. But it will vary dramatically based on what you shoot and how much detail you actually need.

    Some "agonizing" over details is from people who never print large and only display reduced resolution online where it wouldn't show anyway. I make large prints for display (up to 36x24 inches) and so detail is more important for those shots. But if I know it's only going on the internet -- I don't worry about absolute IQ because no one can tell.

    What I usually tell people is stop worrying about IQ and just go shoot. Some of the people who have spent the most time criticizing IQ haven't shown me they can even take a picture worth worrying about it, lol. Improve your photography to the point you NEED a certain IQ level, and then find your solutions.
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    Rico Pfirstinger
    I am perfectly happy with my results at High-ISO. Others are not, as it appears. Decreasing NR and maybe increasing sharpness a notch does the trick for me when I need more detail and don't care much about noise. Like John said, using an external RAW converter will give you all the freedom in the world to address noise, skin tones, foliage etc. in a way that suits you most. There are plenty of options, and you may want to have a brief look at my Raw converter shootouts and camera comparisons at X-Pert Corner.
  4. drpankajshukla

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    Jan 4, 2014
    Thank u sirs for such a quick and helpful response !:)

    I do have and have been using the CS6,Photoninja and capture one 6,
    i need to practise on this CO6 a lot more however I M comfortable with the Photoninja .
    However all said and done, like a lot of other people I m attracted to the idea of having attractive jpegs right away even at high ISOs rather than having to extract it from the RAW file !:)
    That way I spend more time shooting .....
    But I guess there is no free lunch ..

    I am very thank ful to u both, good sirs, for having responded in such a helpful way !

    I eagerly await the addition of the film types to the photo ninja !:)