Dirty Alley & tricky lighting. X100S test.

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  1. Livnius

    Livnius FujiXspot Regular

    Feb 5, 2013
    G'day folks.

    Took this shot the other day in the city, middle of the day bright with the sun high.....was walking through a dirty back alley and snapped this.
    Tricky light for the sensor to deal with. This is essentially straight out of camera jpeg (proNeg Hi i think)....put through LR4.4, nothing done to it except for exported.
    When I first saw the shot on my screen my first reaction was "lost" ...was fairly certain not much good detail would be recoverable here.

    Fuji X100s DR test (out of camera) by Livnius, on Flickr

    Below is what I managed to get out of the file in LR4.4 ....I have to say, I'm real happy with this.
    It's not just the amount of detail recovered but the usability or quality if you like of the recovered detail. This file held itself together really really well I think.
    I'm still very up the air regarding how i feel about x-trans raws for landscape, but for this kind of urban/street/architectural....man I'm impressed.
    As many have indicated the jpegs are really great, but when you have a really wonky exposure like the original at the top, the RAW files can be pushed so much harder.
    Like I said, real happy with this result and pretty certain my EM5 wouldn't have held up quite so well, physics of sensor size eh ?

    Fuji X100s DR test (after LR4.4 post) by Livnius, on Flickr

  2. bartjeej

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    Mar 31, 2013
    although it's a little overexposed in places, I think I actually like the straight export a bit better in terms of balance; in the second shot, there's so much detail it becomes a bit overwhelming!
  3. Livnius

    Livnius FujiXspot Regular

    Feb 5, 2013
    Yeah agreed.

    If I was to have processed purely to taste I certainly wouldn't have pushed the file that much...I would've been a lot gentler in terms of clarity, contrast and sharpening. I more than likely would have processed for something perhaps in the middle of the 2 images above.
    Simply wanted to demonstrate how malleable these xtrans files can be....only ever really shot using m43 sensors so being able to work a file this hard and not have it fall apart is impressing me.
  4. Gary

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    Feb 15, 2013
    ... And an impressive demonstration it is Joe. Thanks for sharing.

  5. spinyman

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    Feb 13, 2013
    Valley Center,CA.
    I've just recently started shooting raw with the x myself and have seen how I can get a bit more from the files.It seems a LOT more than with my OM-D.
    Nice demo here... and if the exposure were brought down a hair,would be really fine.
  6. ean10775

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    Feb 13, 2013
    Cleveland, OH
    Initially I purchased the X100S thinking that from what I'd heard of the X-Trans JPEGs and how much they could be manipulated in post, I'd just shoot JPEG and save some storage space, but the sometimes waxy/plastic look that the JPEGs can give to skin tones at high ISOs and the extreme flexibility that the .RAF files offer has left me shooting exclusively RAW with this camera.
  7. carlb

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    Feb 6, 2013
    twin cities, minnesota
    That is remarkable, Joe. In Tiffen Dfx, the X-Trans .raf import is done with a an initial pop-up conversion screen. Has a slider for "Highlight Recover" and I'll be darned if it doesn't pull detail out of what I'd think would be just washed-out.

    Gives me much more confidence to "expose to the right." The only problem after a recover can be sky colors getting a bit wonky, which can be difficult to process further realistically.
  8. mguffin

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    Apr 10, 2013
    New Jersey
    Great demonstration... looks like HDR...