DIY bayonet fit for original X100 lens cap

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    Oct 2, 2013
    I didn't find anything like this when I searched a few weeks ago and since I've "made" it and it seems to work I thought I'd post a couple of pictures.

    I never used the original X100 lens cap as it seemed too loose. With the filter/bayonet ring added it was worse. So I had been using a centre pinch lens cap which I didn't like that much.

    As I was putting away a spare knock-off hood I had I noticed that maybe I could use the bayonet section and attach it inside the Fuji cap. And so it began...

    NB no original Fuji parts were harmed during the making of this project. :)

    I bought an original Fuji bIack cap for £10

    Using a Dremmel type tool I removed the hood section from the bayonet fitting of the knock-off hood. I also used the tool to smooth off the cut edges

    I wrapped the ring with some kapton tape to make it fit tight, using a blade to remove the excess. Other tape would work I'm sure, I just had kapton handy and it seemed a good choice.

    Then I removed the felt ring from inside the Fuji cap, heated the cap with a hairdryer and carefully pushed the two pieces together (making sure the Fuji logo would be straight when the cap was attached.

    It feels secure, looks fine and I'm pretty pleased. There's a fair bit of room for a filter I think too. Certainly the slim B+W clear one fits.

    20131206_144713. 20131206_145427-2.