Farewell Old Friends.....!

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    Feb 16, 2013
    18055398719_8f781436ea_b. Farewell Old Friends.... by Pete Tachauer, on Flickr

    Farewell old friends. We were comfortable with each other from when we first met in Sydney. We walked Australia twice and New Zealand once…….beaches, hills, city streets, forests; and you never let me down. You were with me when I broke my leg at Doubtful Sound. You cherished and cared for my poor old plates of meat, my swollen Kankles without complaint……even when I tore you off my aching limbs and dumped you in the corner at the end of the day. I rarely cleaned you; but this selfish act on my part only served to make you more resolute and take on an air of scruffy and impoverished dignity.

    The laces (unless double knotted) came undone at regular intervals. But, it did me good to struggle like a b***d down onto my knees, tuck my belly/bellies aside and break out in a breathless sweat as I attempted to reach them to retie them…..and then struggle to get back up again (unlike James Brown who could get down, get up again and do his thang)

    Your too slippery sole caused my foot to slip off the clutch of the BMW Z4 I recently purchased....whilst in first gear. Hitting the builders skip/dumpster some 2 yards away doesn't appear to have done too much harm.

    Causing me to brake left footed rather than press the clutch to change from 4th to 3rd whilst entering the M25 caused a small turtles head to appear when I saw the 32 ton lorry bear down on me.......the Latvilithslovenakian driver; sausage sandwich in one hand, coffee in the other hand, eyes on his TV, feet up on the dash; totally unaware of my rapid deceleration from 70 to 30.

    Frankly, you are too big for the task, too indelicate; with your boat like dimensions, to be allowed to play with my life AND give the fragrant Mrs T the proof she is desperately looking for to show that I should not have the car at all.

    I have squeezed every ounce out of you, my bunions have pushed you out of shape......no one else could ever wear you and it is time to say farewell and……..oooh, look Clarke’s Shoes has a sale on.

    Bye bye
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    Sunny Frimley
    Bill Palmer
    :D:D:D:D:D A fine footnote
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    Ian Lloyd-Grahm
    Looks like you are losing part of your sole:dance3:
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    Feb 1, 2013
    I feel a velcro pair coming on ;)
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    Feb 16, 2013
    Then it WILL be a 1 way trip to Switzerland !