Fuji X-M1 vs Sony Nex 6 - a user comparison

Discussion in 'Fuji X-Mount Cameras' started by Ray Sachs, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. Ray Sachs

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    Feb 1, 2013
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    I just put up a user comparison of the XM1 and the Nex 6 over on Serious Compacts, if anyone is interested:

    Fuji X-M1 vs Sony Nex 6 - a user comparison

    If I got any of the details wrong, please let me know...

  2. BBW

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    Feb 8, 2013
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    Of course we're interested!
  3. bobmielke

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    Aug 25, 2013
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    I've owned the Sony NEX-5N for nearly a year before buying the Fuji X-E1. I took hundreds of photos and love the NEX. It's weakest link is the missing EVF that the NEX-6 has. I fought with whether I should add a second NEX body like the NEX-6 or NEX-7 or completely start over with the Fuji. The retro styling and super image quality of the X-E1 was the deciding factor. I'm keeping the NEX-5N and 3 lenses but bought the same 3 lenses for the Fuji X-E1. The resulting photos from either camera are great.
  4. Biro

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    Feb 1, 2013
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    The latest deals on the NEX-3N with 16-50 power zoom for under $400 tempt me. But if I'm going to buy an NEX, I'd want the viewfinder in the NEX-6. XM-1 or NEX-6? For me, NEX-6. X-E1 or NEX-6? For me, X-E1.