Fuji X20 : remote control / tethering ?

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  1. Apal

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    Feb 23, 2013
    Do you know if the Fuji X20 will be remote controlable ?
    I currently use an old Canon Ixus compact for its ability to be controled via computer, using Ubuntu.
    I do some stop motion movies, it involves being able to control the camera options via USB cable, or at the very least being able to action the trigger remotely so that the camera doesn't move an inch and the "scene" remain steady troughout.
    Does anyonr know if that camera support such a feature ?

    My current one is good enough, but I'm in the market for a retro camera that could be my daily camera AND serve for my short films !

    Thank you :)

    (Sorry for the double post, I got confused between my tabs !)
  2. Apal

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    Feb 23, 2013
    I guess I finally found my answer, or a part of it :
    I found that on the Fuji X10, the shutter is threaded, so it can accomodate what is called a soft-release button.
    But that thread can also be used to attach a remote-shutter cable, that would allow these camera to be used for stop-motion animation !

    Here is where I found the info : http://www.fujixseries.com/discussion/829/remote-cable-shutter-release-on-the-x10./p1

    I also found mention of the Fuji X10 on the libgphoto2 library on Linux, but no direct proof that it's remote controllable from computer. My old Canon compact camera let me set the manual capture mode and play with options from the software I was using, which was very handy for short-film creation.

    I seriously hope the Fuji X20 also have such a threaded shutter, and that it's remote controllable from computer !
  3. speedandstyle

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    The x20 does have a threaded shutter release. I looked through the manual for the x20 and there is no mention of a wired or wireless remote. It also said nothing about teathered shooting. It does allow eye-fi cards to be used. If you do get a threaded release cable get pne with an air bulb. These are easier to use than the plunger style.
  4. depscribe

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    Feb 17, 2013
    Yes, you can use a cable release

    And should you want to be some distance from the camera, you can get a bulb release, in which you squeeze a rubber bulb and the air pressure works a plunger which triggers the shutter in the fashion of the shorter cable release. We all had and used these things as recently as 15 or so years ago.