Fuji XF 35 f1.4 vs Canon FD 24 f2

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    Feb 17, 2013
    For anyone interested, I did a just-for-fun (and entirely unscientific) comparison of the XF 35 mm and an adapted Canon FD 24 mm f2, both at f2. Since the focal length is different, one can't make too big conclusions; still, I think the Canon is a decent stand-in while waiting for the coming 23 mm Fujinon lens.

    I used A mode for the shots. For the 24 mm shot, I got a little closer to the subject (no tripod).

    Although theoretically the same, F2 on the Canon 24 mm lens does not seem to equal f2 on the XF 35 speed-wise. I had to compensate -2/3 EV with the Canon lens to achieve the same shutter speed (1/110) as with the Fuji lens. I then increased exposure for the Canon shot in PP. No other corrections were made. The difference in colour is mainly due th

    I would say that if you have the Fuji 18-55 zoom as I do, the Canon won't be a huge improvement speedwise, although there's a DOF advantage. On the other hand, I like using a MF lens now and then.

    On my Flickr account there's also one comparison shot with the Canon and the zoom.


    XF 35 @ f2
    xf35f2 by nvaristo, on Flickr

    FD 24 @ f2
    fd24f2 by nvaristo, on Flickr
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