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    Hi folks

    Just a quick hello since I joined the other day. I am a semi-professional (ex full time professional) living in northern Scotland.

    I started my Fuji journey with an X-Pro 1, 18mm, 27mm, 18-135mm. Then I went back to Nikon briefly (a costly error). Having got fed up with lugging all the gear around I have just, as of Saturday, returned to the fold.

    I am now shooting with an XT1 and 35mm f2 lens as my starting point, hoping to add a 14mm shortly. Excitedly waiting for a trip to Mull and Calgary Bay there for some, hopefully, spectacular sunsets and seascapes. Until then, I shall have to make do with the Moray Firth and Cairngorms.

    Attached an image from the Ffordes Photographic Fuji Day on Saturday where I rekindled my love the Fuji cameras, and a shot from my XPro1 days.

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    Hi and welcome from drabby and gray Melbourne :th_salute:
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