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    Jun 19, 2014

    Apologize in advance if this shows up as a duplicate, tried posting for the first time earlier and think I got timed-out...

    Have been looking around here for some time, and have always enjoyed reading the posts here for the friendly sharing of Fuji experience. I recently bought the XE1 bundle with the Zeiss 2 Lens Special and hoping to get some advice here.

    My Nikon D7000 with a few slow zooms/primes have served me well for general travel pictures and occasional landscapes, and > 3/4 of my pictures are in the 24~35mm (FF equiv range) with a few < 20mm or >=100mm. Recently I started looking into potential upgrade options across system, and found the $699 new XE1 with well reviewed 18-55 OIS lens to be of great value. A few other options I considered were:

    • DX - buying 16-35/f4 VR for 24~50 focal range, could also be used if I ever upgrade to FF
    • FF - 24-70/2.8, or 24-120/f
    • M43 - EM5 or EM1 + 12-40/2.8

    I understand IQ differences likely won't show up for most uses, but I was surprised to find XE1 with 18-55 much sharper than any of my zooms (especially considering XE1+lens is cheaper than my DX 10-24!!), and same if not better than my 35mm/50mm stopped down. The EVF also seem to help a lot with DOF control (not really into checking DOF chart/app for every picture), and the manual focus aid could open up reasonably-priced Samyang manual focus lens.....

    I was also looking to add SB700 flash to the Nikon kit, and now wondering if I should move everything to Fuji instead.

    Look forward to any suggestions.