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    Feb 1, 2013
    Hello everyone,

    First off, thank you Amin for this site. Most of you guys know me through my posts, but I am not sure how many of you know me personally. My name is Veeresh and I live in Arlington, VA. Been in this area for a while as I work in DC. My interest in photography was a result of a three month break after my 10th grade where I'd spend every evening watching the sunset and wonder how I'd be able to capture every shade I see. Unfortunately, film development/printing was expensive in India and I wanted to wait till it became less expensive. This was in 1999 and little did I know that this dream would come true in the form of digital photography. Got my first camera, a canon A530, in 2007 and have been dabbling in photography ever since.

    Anyway, I shoot with three systems now and I understand it's crazy but I want to see what works best for me and my needs and take it from there. Good to see a lot of regulars from other sites here and I hope you guys continue to make this place the best forum for anything related to the Fuji X system :).

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