Help! Trying to make sense of EXR color array filter to X-trans...

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    Hopefully someone can help me make sense of the sensor change in the X20. Apparently Fuji dropped the EXR color array filter in favor of the x-trans layout of photosites.

    The advantage of the EXR layout is the ability to 'combine' adjacent photosites to create a higher DR at the expense of resolution. However, Fuji also claims an increase in DR of 130-140% compared to predecessors (incl. X10) and a 30% noise reduction compared to X10. Reviews suggest that the X20 offers less DR rhan the X10 (in expansion mode). See Flysurfer's review (unless I misinterpreted).

    Should I assume that the DR increase holds true for 12MP pics only?

    I also wondered if it would be feasible to produce an APS-C size 24mp sensor in EXR-layout, thus enabling 12MP high DR photography. Does tha make sense or am I talking nonsense here?

    Any help or links are appreciated.

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    Feb 1, 2013
    Rico Pfirstinger
    That would be possible, but not very useful, as small sensor profit more from EXR. That's why it was dropped in the X20 but kept in the HS50EXR. I have no idea about base DR of the new X20 sensor, I'm waiting for dpreview's standard measurements. My impression is that base DR is higher in the X20, so you do not need DR expansion that often.
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    Thanks for your help.