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    Feb 1, 2013
    Rico Pfirstinger
    Unhappy how your shot turned out?
    Don't exactly know why or what to do better next time?
    Help might be just around the corner!

    This is the Image Clinic, a place where we can post and can get advice on images from our Fuji X-series cameras that, well, didn't exactly turn out like we expected them to. :eek:

    Please post or link your images in meaningful resolution along with full EXIF data, so we can thoroughly x-ray them (pun intended). Also, tell us what you did and what you wanted to achieve. Be prepared to submit (upload) original RAW files (if available), as I or someone else might want to try to cure the malignant image in post-processing. Yes, "we", as in everybody is invited to chime-in and share their experience, tips and tricks to help the patient out.

    Let's get better (photographers) soon!