macro-,selftimer- and Q-menu button locked!?

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  1. boudy

    boudy New to FujiXspot

    Jun 14, 2014
    hello ,

    I'm boudy from Holland and have the X-20 now for about 2 months.
    Take very sharp,nice pictures whith this camera even in low light conditions.

    I love the camera; I have the black/silver version, so retro look.

    Bought the camera online (new), via not official import, so an user manual in Dutch or English were not included,
    just Korean.

    By the way: the menu's on the body are in many languages, including Dutch.

    But since about a week, when i want to the Q-menu, or push the macro-button, or selftimer-button,
    the display shows that these are locked, so can't go into that settings.
    I don't understand it. :confused:

    Maybay anybody knows what i did wrong?

    I downloaded a PDF manual,but can't find something about this.

    It's probably a setting, but i can't find it.

    thanxx anyway and sorry for my no so good english,

    best regards,

  2. boudy

    boudy New to FujiXspot

    Jun 14, 2014
    hello people,

    I've just find the solution about the Q menu-,macro- and selftimer button on DPreview.

    Thankxx DPReview!!

    It's the menu/ok button press and hold for several seconds; than you deactivate the locked setting.
    And visa versa.

    The focus switch at the front in AF-S.

    Again; could not find it on the PDF manual, strange..

    So, it's not a software problem or another mistake.
    It's just a setting; how stupid of me..

    Thanxx anyway, i'm happy,