Mix and match with the X70.

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    Busy doing other things today so I had just the X70 with me "just in case" - there were a few opportunities when I was in town for a quick trip.

    I also on a journey elsewhere managed to stop and grab a few landscapes and some wild flower images.

    In all cases I was aware of the benefits I feel of the X70 over my recently departed Ricoh GR.

    The start up speed and even the AF appear much faster and I love the way Fuji flashes primarily work as fill for subtle daylight with flash fill (the flower shots).

    To end it all, by a long way the outstanding LCD with the tilt ability is definitely the crowning glory.

    A real winner and with all those easily visible settings - hooray!!

    Street 3. Street 4. Street 6. Landscape 2. Landscape 3. Landscape 4. Flowers 1. Flowers 3. Flowers 5.
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