Muted Sharp Ektachrome

Discussion in 'Image Processing' started by EasyEd, Apr 10, 2013.

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    Hey All,

    Flysurfer in another thread wrote
    I have not turned my mind to this yet totally as I am still learning the camera (I have an XE-1) but the color "look" I am looking for is best described as "muted sharp ektachrome". Perhaps best illustrated by an example photographer who's post processing I think is in that "neighborhood". I think most of these were taken with a 5DII.

    Sarah Marino

    Have a look at her images and see if you think my description "fits" of muted sharp ektachrome. On my XE-1 I find the provia (standard) to be a bit bland lacking intensity and the vivid to be too much in some color bands. Just wondering how best to go more in the direction of Sarah's processing. I think the TransX should be a good starting point.

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    Having never shot with Ektachrome I can't say if the description fits or not, but looking at the EXIF data you can see that they were all edited in Lightroom so I doubt you're going to be able to achieve what she has simply through in-camera JPEG settings. You could try shooting RAW and then processing in camera with Velvia, but with some tweaks to the parameters (increased sharpness, reduced shadow and highlight tone, etc.). Play around and see what you like best, but you'll get much more control if you post process the RAW files with an external editor.
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