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    In the wild! I think Fuji's X100 started this new trend of classic looking cameras. I'm surprised Nikon and Canon have yet to capitalize on the retro trend.

    mx1 by Photos By 夏天, on Flickr
  2. Biro

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    Feb 1, 2013
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    It may have been Fuji... or you could give props to Olympus for bringing out the original E-P1. Still, it's easier to fall in love with the Fuji - at least based on style, ergonomics and user interface. :)
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    That MX looks sweet. Biro is right (at least for me). The E-P1 was the first camera I bought because it looked cool.
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    I'm inclined to give the credit to Olympus for the rebirth of the PEN concept, but Fuji definitely took that ball and ran with it for the touchdown with the X100 and subsequent X-series rangefinder styled cameras.
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    Just know I love my X100 and it is the sum of its parts coupled with that great tactile feedback in use. I still get people asking me if it is an old Leica they are very surprised and impressed when I let them handle the camera and you then end talking about their experiences - great conversation piece but even better performer!