My personal "Fuji X roadmap"

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  1. Ramirez

    Ramirez FujiXspot Regular

    Feb 25, 2013
    This is my personal "Fuji X roadmap". It includes steps I've already taken, what I'm waiting for and dreams for the future.


    A look back (what I've already acquired in historical order of purchase):

    1. Fujifilm Finepix X100 with WLC-X100 and original Fuji X100 leather case

    For this I traded in almost all of my m43 gear (I don't have any m43 gear left to date).
    I also acquired third party hood for the X100 lens. And spare battery off course.

    2. Fujifilm X-E1 with XF18-55 lens and original leather half case

    For this I traded only the Nikkor 18-105 kit lens from my Nikon D7000 package. I paid a little more for the X-E1 kit.
    I have added a spare battery as well.

    3. Fujinon XF18 f2 lens

    This I just bought without a trade in.


    To this day I have only used the X-E1 mostly with the XF18 but sometimes also with the zoom lens. The reason is that I've save the shutter counts on the X100 (for the trade in to X100S) and that (to my eyes) the X trans sensor provides sharper and better pictures than the X100 sensor does, and better low light capabilities too with the X trans.


    Preorders I'm waiting on:

    1. Fujifilm Finepix X100S

    I'm going to use my current X100 accessories with the X100S as the bodies are the same.
    Lens hood, leather case, spare battery etc.
    So no more purchases needed for the X100S.

    I'm going to trade in my current X100 and my Nikon D7000 and Nikkor 50 1.8G lens for the X100S.

    2. Lance Non-adjust Neck Strap, black with orange rings, 48 inches, O-Ring Strap Bumpers - *2 for my X-E1 and my upcoming X100S

    (Not strictly Fuji stuff but nice indeed coupled with the X cams)
    I just don't like the original Fuji camera straps. My X cameras lives on my body as I see them almost as a part of my body... Without them it is like having no hands! And I need as comfortable and practical straps as possible. I am going to try out the Lance straps as they were quite cheap to purchase.

    It is going to take about 2 weeks to get them here (Finland) from USA... So patience is required from my part as with the X100S wait.


    Future purchases (that I dream of already):

    - Fuji X-Pro2 or X-Pro1S (or whatever it will be named)

    Want to try out the top model in the Fuji line in the future but not the X-Pro1 as it is to close to my already excellent X-E1. Going to wait for the second generation X trans here (as the X100S).

    I think that I'll hold on to my X-E1 and use that as my backup for the X-Pro2 in the future. And keep the X100S as my silent and most compact high IQ solution.

    - XF55-200 telephoto lens

    To get my telephoto kick.


    This is my roadmap so far; already concluded steps, preorders and wishful fantasies for the future.

    It is nice to be in the Fuji camp :)
  2. Gary

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    Feb 15, 2013
    Given it a bit of though I see. How popular is Fuji in PR?

  3. Ramirez

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    Feb 25, 2013
    Hm :-/ I'm starting to think again about the next move on my Fuji X road...

    I have an X100s on preorder but I've read on so many places now that I may be in for a long wait.

    Maybe I should change my plan.

    I am thinking that if I don't get any date for when I can have my X100s in two weeks time then I could:

    - Go for the X-Pro1

    The pluses for the X-Pro1 route:

    - I could have two interchangeable lens bodies side by side: X-Pro1 and X-E1 - a backup solution and also I could have the two lenses I need on each event right in the bodies!
    With X100s I have just that focal lenght combined with what I mounted on the X-E1

    - I will have an OVF camera again (as the X100s also have - so it's a tie here)

    - I've seen price drops on the X-Pro1 now so it's a great time to get one

    The minuses for the X-Pro1 route:

    - No absolute silent shutter

    - Bigger (but I still have the X-E1 with the XF18 when I need smaller)


    If I will go the X-Pro1 route:

    I will trade in:

    Existing X100 + all accessories and all my Nikon gear

    Then I'll buy the X-Pro1 and XF35 lens!


    This would be my whole camera kit then:

    Bodies: X-Pro1 & X-E1

    Lenses: XF18, XF35 & XF18-55


    If I go X100s route:

    Bodies: X-E1 & X100s

    Lenses: XF18 & XF18-55 (23 on X100s)


    What I want and what I don't need:

    - I don't need faster AF than the X-E1 speed (AF speed is not a reason why I considered the X100s in the first place
    - I want X trans sensor in all my bodies - similar output in the images (that's why I don't shoot the X100 anymore)
    - I would want a silent camera as possible (one reason why I was considering the X100s) but I think that the X-E1 and X-Pro1 shutter sound is quite silent so I could live with that


    What do you guys think?

    I know I am inpatient... I think I'll give the X100s 2 weeks time until delivery date knowledge, then maybe I'll cancel if I don't know anything and go the X-Pro1 path.

    Any advice about these routes?