My x100 vs x100s odyssey... with happy ending :)

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  1. merliin

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    Feb 9, 2013
    Hi All,

    Just to share my x100/x100s story; maybe it will be helpful for those of you who have been considering those two models:

    I have been into digital photography since Canon PowerShot G2 and then Canon EOS 300D, the 1st affordable DSLR that was launched. For past few years I have been using Nikon D80 with a few lenses (incl. fantastic Sigma 30mm 1.4) which I have been very pleased with – except for its size/weight, WB performance and high ISO noise (it’s usable hardly up to ISO 800 only).

    Then I learned about the Fujifilm x100. It immediately caught my attention due to its incredible design / build quality (reminding me about my first “serious” camera ever, the Russian rangefinder Zorki 4) and high image quality (especially for high ISOs). I found fixed 35 mm lens not to be a problem, in fact I assumed it would make me think more about the composition and not get distracted by zoom capability (it’s quite universal range).

    I had been therefore considering the x100 for quite a few months and when I finally made my purchasing decision in the first days of Jan 2013… the x100s was announced. Kind of pleasant and at the same time unpleasant surprise for me ;) Of course, it made me heavily consider x100s vs x100 and further delayed my order.

    So for the past two months I have been searching for every piece of information re. those two cameras. Price factor became also worth taking into account as the announced prices for x100s were approx. 50% higher than those of x100. Additionally, as it is always the case with new models – as much as “quirks” of x100 were already well know (and mostly solved), the x100s remained (and in fact still remains) a mystery in that field.

    I asked myself: do I need even higher IQ than x100’s (already incredibly high)? Do I need faster AF (already pretty fast)? Do I need more MPs (12 is satisfactory for me)? Can I live with awkward M / AF-S / AF-C switch (yes!)? How about the threat that the x100s may change in a wrong way the praised “image characteristics” of the old x100 (called by some “Leica-like”) which I admired? Do I need tweaked menus (no!)?

    Making my already (too) long story shorter – I have finally decided to go for the x100 with bundled leather case for the price approx. 33% lower than x100s w/o the case. I received the camera a few days ago – and I could not be happier :) It is worth stressing here that I am not a “pixel peeper”, I look at the whole picture quality and I do not make very large prints. At the moment IMO the quality/price relationship of the old x100 is simply unbeatable.

    To sum it up for those of you who are in the similar position now (x100 vs x100s): just answer honestly for yourself the above mentioned questions… and make a good choice – the new x100s are still available :cool:

    Attached please find one of the first captures made with my x100 – enjoy the Cat :)

    DSCF1027s Lola.

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  2. Iansky

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    Feb 1, 2013
    The Cotswolds, UK
    Ian Lloyd-Grahm
    I have had my X100 for well over a year now and I still smile when it is in my hands, it is a great camera that produces amazing results.

    I am interested in possibly upgrading to the 100s at the end of the year, my logic being the improved (different) Xtrans sensor, positive changes to focus/startup time, increased auto iso, better macro capability and effectively split image focussing for manual work - all definite advances to the current camera whilst still retaining the character / style and tactile operations that I love.

    I will obviously consider my decision carefully and the time frame I am considering allows enough space form any unforseen foibles to be identified and sorted and for a good read from genuine user reviews (not the "professional" reviews that often favour certain cameras regardless of performance) - added advantage is also cost reduction by year end as happened when I got my X100.
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  3. merliin

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    Feb 9, 2013
    PS. Forgot about one more improvement in the x100s vs x100: focus peaking and split image. Still - I am an AF-only type of shooter :)
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  4. BBW

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    Feb 8, 2013
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    Merlin, thanks so much for sharing your decision making process and, by the way, don't worry about your English at all - it's excellent!

    Everything you wrote makes good sense to me (full disclosure here, I have an early X100 and X10) and, as they say, the "proof is in the pudding" and in your case that photograph is real hard proof. if you haven't yet, please be sure to add that beauty to our "Inevitable Cat Thread":bravo-009:
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  5. madmaxmedia

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    Feb 19, 2013
    Los Angeles
    It is amazing what you're getting with the x100 now- a beautiful body with fantastic sensor and great physical controls, a beautiful hybrid optical viewfinder, and a wonderful f/2 lens. Each is basically now $200 to $250 each.

    Plus, when the x100t comes out, the x100 should still have much of the re-sale value (since you got it for less). And then you can put that money towards a discounted x100s!

    I am always 1 generation behind with phones, cameras, etc. Economically it works out well. These items typically lose more value during the first year, than the second.
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  6. spinyman

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    Feb 13, 2013
    Valley Center,CA.
    Had I paid full price for my X100, I would be much less inclined to sell it now and pay full price for the X100s.I know the camera well and am confident that I will enjoy the new model for years to come, and that Fuji will support it as they have shown with the current models. So happy that Fuji decided to make all the right improvements to the X100 while leaving the gorgeous body alone.The X100 will now be the best bang for the buck out there.
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