Napa Valley Drive February 2014

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    Stephen Scharf
    After finally getting some real rain here in Northern California the last week or so (unlike the rest of the U.S., we are in a serious drought this year with virtually no significant precipitation from 2013 until last week), there is finally starting to be bit of color in the Napa and surrounding valleys. I got out and about down some of my favorite motorcycling roads and destinations for a little bit of picture taking while out for a lovely drive on a lovely day.

    Nothing fancy here, just some snapshots for those who have never been to this area.

    Finally, a little bit of mustard along Wooden Valley Road heading west from Suisun to Napa. Normally the fields would be completely covered in mustard this time of year. X-Pro1 and 23mm.

    Also on Wooden Valley Road. I've ridden by this ranch with these lovely trees on the bike for over 20 years, but this is the first time I've ever seen goats here. X-A1 and the 27mm pancake.

    CA Hwy 121 heading east to Lake Berryessa, just off Wooden Valley Road. One of the great motorcycling roads in Northen California. X-Pro1 and 23mm.

    If you turn your head to the left while smokin' down this road, you'll see some lovely vineyards. Key is to not going too fast to miss the beautiful countryside. XA-1 and 27mm pancake.

    Now on Hwy 128, also known as Sage Canyon Road, is the Nichelini Family Winery, one of the oldest in the Napa Valley. It was started here in this house and cellar in 1890 by Anton Nichelini. X-Pro1 and 14mm.

    This building houses the large storage tanks for the wine. X-Pro1 and 14mm

    The old grape conveyor. X-Pro1 and 14mm

    The backside of the house, showing the wine cellar. They open up the cellar in the summer for wine tasting customers. That thing you see is a wine press that dates from the 1890s. X-Pro1 and 14mm.

    Part of the patio where customers will hang out while tasting or having a spot of wine with their picnic lunch. Down below are bocce ball courts. X-Pro1 and 14mm.

    Inside the house, which serves as the tasting and sales room during the winter months. X-Pro1 and 14mm.

    Pestoni Family Vineyard, fine old water tower and barn on Spring Street, in St. Helena, CA. I've admired this vineyard and water tower for years; there is usually mustard in this field at this time of year. X-Pro1 and 18-55.

    The 19th Century house across the street has a vineyard for a front yard. X-Pro1 and 18-55

    The "Magnolia Room" on Oak Street (I think) in St. Helena. I have no idea what this building was originally. The 23mm shows it off nicely, though. X-Pro1 and 23mm.

    The Carnegie Building on Adams Street. This used to be the town library, and my mother worked here as a librarian when I was growing up in St. Helena. X-Pro1 and 23mm.

    All in all, a lovely day out, but I still would have preferred if it had been raining.
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    thanks for sharing, it's a great place and looks like the zone where I live.
    by the way, how about to exchange some sun for some rain? I've plenty of full buckets to share for free...