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  1. James Young

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    Jul 27, 2017

    My hardly used X70 arrived in the yesterday, purchased after much 100F vs X70 deliberation (size, and therefore it being with me, won the day). I'm looking forward to sharing some pics. I had a couple of 'newbie' questions ...

    • Is this the right place for X70? The forum title states 100/S/T and I assume F. The other one lists X10 / 20 etc etc but no X70.
    • I am looking to purchase a couple of accessories for camera protection. A half case. A glass LCD protector. A hand strap. Good ideas? I may get another more padded bag for travel but these items were primarily for when I am actually using the camera.
    • I have been digging through the instruction manual. I am not a complete beginner with regards to DSLR so the photographic controls are not totally foreign but ... there is a LOT of extra info to take in with regards to custom modes and setting custom function buttons and dials. Can anyone suggest some popular 'go to' customizations to get me started?
    Let me know if this is the wrong forum and I will move it elsewhere.

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  3. James Young

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    Jul 27, 2017
    Thanks. I prefer the sound of the glass one and had read about GGS before so will run with that for the protector.
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    Feb 15, 2013
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    I've never even held an X-70, so I can't be a ton of use to you. I know the old original X100 and the XT-1. I started off shooting the XT-1 with customized presets, 7 in all, but eventually just drifted to shooting all manual, jpg only, switching only the "film simulation" presets really.
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