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    Dec 17, 2013
    No, this isn't a post about the boy band!

    A little background -
    My first Fuji was the S5Pro I purchased brand new as a 2nd body years ago after I fell in love with the Nikon D200 body. I've owned the D200, D300, and finally the D700 which has treated me well. I also have a Panasonic LX3 that I picked up along the way. I shoot mostly travel, family gatherings, and sometimes 2nd shoot weddings and family portraits for friends.

    How I ended up with an X-series
    During my last vacation to Peru, I realized how much stinkin gear I was carrying - especially the 70-200 2.8! I ended up leaving the D700 in the hotel room and only carrying the LX3. It's a good camera, but I was ready for more resolution and better color - something closer to DSLR output. Soooooo - my coworker recommended the X10 - and I was blown away by how good it was.
    Months later I decided to try to downsize the SLR to a mirrorless and picked up an X-E1/18-55 kit during one of the lens specials along with the XF 18mm and XF 35mm. Months later, with a baby coming, I couldn't resist the X-E2 upgrade (which happened to also be during lens special) and picked up the XF 14mm, XF 23mm AND XF 55-200! I guess I'm a sucker for lens discounts.

    My only regret is much of the gear I was trying to downsize is still with me, and the XF lens collection I've started is now larger than my Nikon glass selection ever was! Ugh... GAS is my downfall...
    Also, now that the baby is here, ALL traveling is next to impossible and I'm stuck at home doing baby photography. I'll likely start experimenting with some off-camera flash/softbox baby photography soon.

    Sorry for the long first post! See you around...

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    Jul 28, 2013
    Had a D60, D70, D80, D200 and a pair of D7000's over time. Now I'm in Fuji too and absolutely love the system. Welcome!
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    Glad you found your way here, Johann - and congratulations upon your new baby, as well as your new X-E2!
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    Hello and welcome Johann - you suffer from GAS - you'll fit in well here. :rofl: