Off for some snowholing need advice.

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by southey, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. southey

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    Jul 15, 2014

    I'm off to the Cairngorms in February for a few days walking and sleeping in snow holes, I will be taking my X-E1 and xc16-50 as it's either that or the xc 50-230(my only lenses :D )

    I've not shot in snow conditions before, what would you recommend I start at settings wise to get to a point I can play from(massive learning curve at the moment) also should I look for a filter or filters too? I won't be taking a tripod but thought I could use a dry bag on my pack as a beanbag like rest.

    The batteries will be in a dry bag inside my top to protect from the cold.

    Any advice greatfully received.

  2. Luke

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    Jan 31, 2013
    Milwaukee, WI USA
    In snowy conditions, one should generally set WB manually (or just RAW and sort it out later)....cameras often guess wrong on white balance when they are confronted by all white (why we see so many photos of snow with a blue cast).

    Also, I generally underexpose by 2/3 or 1 EV to get detail in the snow.

    Here's a couple of my fave Fuji shots in the snow......
    8373294794_9a62a548e7_c. snow flurries at sunrise by Luke Lavin, on Flickr

    8474148450_8058896367_c. snowy walkies by Luke Lavin, on Flickr
  3. eddie1960

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    Oct 28, 2014
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    ^^ this pretty much is it, for WB if you have a grey card set it using that (you could spot meter the grey for exposure too if you like) -2/3 to -1 ev should be sufficient. Filter wise I really like a polariser out in snowy days if the sky is clear. it just makes the blues of a winter sky pop. an alternative is gradated ND but with bright snow you might end up using it backwards to get things right ;)
    I'd take along a rain shield in case you get a warmer spell with snow/sleet/rain. the average temp looks above freezing most days
  4. southey

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    Jul 15, 2014
    Thanks chap, I'll get busy playing, also bought a set of hoya filters to see whats what.

    Rain shield is a good call, i keep the camera in a padded dry bag while away, the temperature up on the plateau will be mostly below 0oC at that time though. :)