Porto, Good Enough for Leica, Excellent for Fuji

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  1. Adam Bonn

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    Jan 13, 2016
    Adam Bonn
    My adopted home city of Porto (in Portugal) is so beautiful and photogenic, that even Leica send photographers here to shoot.

    I may live here, but I don’t have a Leica… But it’s not problem, because I have a Fuji! (3 in fact!!)

    If the people make a place, and in turn the place makes the people, then what sort of pictures can you capture?

    Well Leica have just released a new model M. No don't worry, here's not the place to find out about it, you can do that at their website. But I cannot tell a lie, I did watch their promotional video...

    ...for one simple reason, they sent a trio of 'Togs to Porto.

    So the mighty Leica deem Porto worthy of flying in photographers to capture street scenes here... Cool! But for me, when I want to do that, I just leave the house!

    So armed with a "mere" (sic) Fujifilm, let's take a bus ride (sorry I can't spring for a plane) into town and see what we can see!

    26381142241_f6308ae2ab_b. The Purposeful Explorer by Adam Bonn, on Flickr
    “The Purposeful Explorer"

    Porto rolls down the valley into the Douro river, criss-crossed by ancient side streets. Like any popular tourist destination, it pays to explore away from the main areas, to see and feel as much as possible. Who knows... maybe you'll be so enamoured with a place that you'll end up living somewhere new!

    26399894916_b4f7b16cef_b. Street Cards: A Serious Matter by Adam Bonn, on Flickr
    “Street Cards: A Serious Matter"

    Wander away from the main streets and you'll see local life flourish. Groups playing card games, this is clearly a serious business!

    25721065923_5a7b70469e_b. The Attraction & Fear of Nice Things by Adam Bonn, on Flickr
    “The Attraction & Fear of Nice Things"

    Porto has many shops, a lot of them are not 'chain' stores, but independent places selling treats and delicacies. Meats, cakes, Port, wine, coffee... Nice things! You should definitely treat yourself, well if you're allowed in that is!

    25894461094_a1307c7b39_b. A Forgotten World by Adam Bonn, on Flickr
    "A Forgotten World"

    To my eye at least, Porto offers the chance to see people go about their lives, in surroundings that have not really changed for a great number of years. This, too me, has a special charm that drives home the notion that things do change, but they really don't.

    It's wonderful that a company such as Leica acknowledges Porto* as a destination that demands photography, if you visit the city, I guarantee you'll see the sights that those Leica photographers did, you'll love them and photograph them, and you should start there.

    But if you then venture just a few hundred meters away from those famous places, you'll see the views from a slightly less well trodden (but no less authentic) path.

    24409751389_3f4a09a9f4_b. The Timeless Line by Adam Bonn, on Flickr
    "The Timeless Line"

    Whatever camera you shoot (and no matter who's picking up your travel costs) you'll find a little spark of visual magic on these streets.

    Happy travels, where ever you go View attachment 26355

    (*Yes, I'm aware of Leica's manufacturing connection to Portugal!)
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    Hood River, OR
    The last especially tugs at me. That's a beautiful place.
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    Feb 1, 2013
    I'm a sucker for washing on the line...... very nice views :)
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  4. Adam Bonn

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    Jan 13, 2016
    Adam Bonn
    Thanks guys
  5. Adam Bonn

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    Jan 13, 2016
    Adam Bonn
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    Devon, UK
    I'm beginning to wonder if I've inadvertently strayed onto a slightly odd 'specialist' website, here... ;) :)
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  7. Adam Bonn

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    Jan 13, 2016
    Adam Bonn
    "inadvertently" huh?

    Hey man what you type into Google is between you and Google, and it's partners, subsidiaries and shareholders :D :D :D
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  8. TonyTurley

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    May 2, 2016
    Very nice series. Very nice.
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  9. iSilentP

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    Jan 27, 2014
    I like them all. My favorite is "The Purposeful Explorer". I follow you on Flickr and look forward to seeing more of your work. Thanks for sharing.
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  10. Adam Bonn

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    Jan 13, 2016
    Adam Bonn
    Thank you very much Tony, I apprecaite you telling me that
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    It is?