Remnants of yesteryear

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    May 2, 2016
    The Brooklyn - Southside Junction Trail in southern WV is a popular rail trail, stretching a bit over 7 miles from end to end. Now heavily forested, it once played a very different role during southern WV's coal and railroad boom years. Small coal towns once lined the imposing slopes of the New River Gorge, and communities bustled with people. When the Great Depression hit, many of those communities were abandoned nearly overnight. Riding along the trail now, one finds rotted rail timbers in a few spots, and the gutted remains of buildings reclaimed by the forest. Not even the more upscale homes of rail and coal barons were spared.

    The final photo is another type of remnant. I once was heavily involved with radio controlled aircraft, and have visited many hobby shops during my travels, from Virginia to Oklahoma. About the last place I would have expected to find a shuttered hobby shop would be at a remote intersection in rural WV. Part of me would love to get in that building a dig around to see if any treasures remain. X-T1 + XF 18mm f2.

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    Bobby Tingle
    This reminds me of when some close friends and I would pile in my Jeep and go wandering country back roads to see what we could find. Great set!
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    Nice set of pics, Tony, and I like the back-story that goes with it. It all spells ADVENTURE.
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    May 2, 2016
    Thanks guys. I love this kind of stuff. Unfortunately, it is cold and rainy here today, so the bike is in the garage and I'm taking a lazy day off.
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    Sep 22, 2016
    I don't see too many building around here that are that old. Great shots! I love the long view of the trail/road along the trees and stream.
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