SD cards for X30

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    I have an old Sandisk 1GB card that works just fine in my X30 . . but want to pick up a couple of new 8GB SDHC Class 10 or better cards to use with the X30. It seems 8GB cards are becoming scarce so alternately a 16GB card might be appropriate. I searched and didn't find anything so a quick question here:

    Question: can anyone recommend a preferred card (brand and model) for the X30 regarding compatibility, speed, and size?
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    OK . . for anyone who's interested . . I settled on a new SD card. I formatted it in the X30 and it is working great.
    Transcend Premium 400x SDHC UHS-1 16GB 60MB/s Class10. $14.95 at London Drugs, Canada.
    P.S. here's a handy link to check memory card compatibilities:
    Memory Cards : X Series | Fujifilm Global