some cheap fun (Fotasy C mount lens)

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by Luke, Jun 6, 2016.

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    Jan 31, 2013
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    I recently picked up an X-E2 with kit zoom when I found a good deal on one. And not having enough dough to buy a proper Fuji prime lens right away decided to buy a couple cheapo c-mount f1.4 lenses to play with until I can save up for something a little further up the food chain.

    I grabbed a 25mm and 50mm with an adapter for around $80. I finally had a chance to play around with the 50mm this morning while I put off doing actual work. I may have stopped down slightly on one or two of the shots of Lucy (the brown dog), but I'll pretty much just be using these things wide-open.

    Here's what it looks like mounted on the camera
    27430250151_9769d8f147_b. DSCF0028 by Luke, on Flickr

    I tweaked this one in Color Efex pro to bring back some saturation and contrast lost while shooting straight into the light
    26894308403_49acf53e3a_b. contemplating evil by Luke, on Flickr

    here's a heavy crop from an underexposed shot that was heavily tweaked in SIlver Efex
    27429588121_76b31b77f9_c. imminent conflict by Luke, on Flickr

    you can get some mildly swirly bokeh with the right distance between your subject and the background......
    27502304955_325e1a50aa_c. DSCF0006 by Luke, on Flickr

    It's not too difficult to focus despite the narrow DOF. I tried to focus on the eyes here, but may have missed just an inch (or less) too far....close enough for me.
    27403294192_03d2e3db60_b. DSCF0007 by Luke, on Flickr

    I like having OOF foreground elements in my photos. Sleepy Lucy looks nice and sharp here.
    27403287172_d2564c803a_b. DSCF0008 by Luke, on Flickr

    She perked up a bit when she heard a chipmunk right outside the window
    27467810856_4450c554a0_b. DSCF0014 by Luke, on Flickr

    They'll be special use lenses, but for the price I think they're a good value. And manual focus is just fun sometimes.
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  2. BobbyT

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    Bobby Tingle
    The shots look good. Legacy lenses are fun to shoot with.
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    Very nice dog photos. Well done.
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    Apr 2, 2017
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    Subject matter and composition is everything. How much (or how little) one spends on glass sometimes is not such a factor.

    I love adapted lens shots. It also says a lot about the investment in patience the shooter has with the "science" of this type of manual/old school experience as it meets newer type of technology.
    The end result, a person knows way more about how their camera reacts to different situations, as we are not running around on 'full auto'.
    Cool shots, I enjoyed them.