Star Trails and the Milky Way

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    Mar 7, 2013
    Columbus, OH
    I went a ways out of town in the middle of the night last night to try and get some cool shots of this 'big meteor shower'. I woke up at 1:30AM and drove an hour outside the city to get away from the light pollution. Unfortunately, there were hardly any meteors (you can see one in the star trail image). But I got some Ok shots anyway. Left at 4:30 and got home by dawn.

    This first shot is a stack of 95 exposures, all at 14mm, f/2.8, 30 seconds and ISO 800 with the X-T1. (So ~48 minute exposure)


    A different stack, using only three exposures: one light painting shot, the car passing, and the shot that captured the meteor:

    These are shorter single exposures. The last one, you can see the massive light pollution facing Columbus.

    8mm fisheye


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