trying pinhole with a Fuji X-mount

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by Luke, Jan 26, 2014.

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    I can't seem to find any x-mount pinhole "lenses".

    I found this company that makes a high quality pinhole aperture for many different camera systems and they say that if your camera is not supported, they will mount it to a body cap for $33.

    Obviously the distance between the lens cap and sensor plane may be different yielding a different field of view. Any idea what one might expect from it? Are there any other decent inexpensive pinhole options for the Fuji X mount that you know of? Is there anyone else here shooting pinhole photos with their X?
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    Ron Smith
    That looks like fun.

    If you have any adapters, you should be able to use one that is made for that mount.

    I have Leica M, Nikon F and Canon EF adapters. Might give the Leica M a try.
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    You could try making your own.

    Start with a flat plate of thin metal -- even the end of a bean tin would be OK.

    Take a spare body cap and drill a hole about 14" (5mm) wide in the middle.

    Cut the plate to fit the body cap. Next comes the craftsman bit.

    Mark the dead centre of your plate and place it on a pad of notepaper

    Use a sharp centre-punch to make a dimple in the right place. The resulting bump on the other side needs to protrude a couple of millimetres (about 3/32" for those who still think that way)

    Tape a piece of fine emery paper to a flat surface. put the plate bump side down on the emery paper and gently rub down the bump.

    After a little while you will have abraded away enough of the peak of the bump to make a hole at the centre of the dimple.

    Keep blowing away any metal dust and very gingerly carry on rubbing down until the hole is the desired diameter. You may want to do the final rubbing wet rather than dry for a smoother finish.

    All this should give you a cleanly defined hole with razor sharp (literally) edges.

    Now you need a smoky candle or similar. Use it to deposit black carbon all over the inner (sensor-facing) surface of the plate.

    Finally, cut the plate to size and attach it to your body cap

    Long time since I made a decent pin hole, but that is how the Focal Encyclopaedia of Photography (60's edition) says it should be done.

    If you use a cheap set of extension tubes you can change the pinhole-sensor distance, effectively changing the focal length. The optimum hole diameter can be calculated from formulae available on the Net.
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    Feb 10, 2013
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    May 16, 2013
    I've dabbled with pinhole lenses on my X-E1 using a couple of items purchased off of ebay; a third party (cheap) body cap, and a pinhole shim drilled to 0.18mm (to match sensor to pinhole distance). As per Albertinfrance, I drilled the body cap to 5mm and mounted the shim to the inside of the cap.

    The shim came from

    A couple of random shots to show what might be expected...

    Fuji X-E1 PinHole by NigelLee, on Flickr

    Fuji X-E1 PinHole by NigelLee, on Flickr

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