What about a sleeved sliding lenshood on longer lenses??

Discussion in 'Native Lenses' started by Joe500, Jun 26, 2014.

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    Jan 15, 2014
    Since I got the XF 55-200 I have tried a couple of alternatives to the excessively long (from storage point of view) bayonet lenshood that comes with it.

    One collapsible rubber hood's plastic threads jammed on the filter making it necessary to use a gripper tool to free the hood. Another, supposedly telescopic, rubber hood had such a wide diameter that I'd have needed a much larger bag. I want to keep the hood on the lens ready for use, without the bulk, and be able to easily attach and detach the lens cap.

    I finally cut 35mm off the Fuji plastic hood, something I've done before with other hoods. It looks perfect, fits my bag space both on and off the body, and I can easily reach the lenscap. Of course, it's effectiveness as a light shield is further reduced even though it was only ever optimised for the 55mm end.

    I still have a well-liked Fuji 690 film camera, where the lens hood is a fixture, immediately sliding forward or back on the lens for use or storage. It was perfect. What's stopping Fuji, or anyone else, from designing a detachable plastic bayonet-fitting hood with something like a double sleeve so the hood can be slid forward or back?