White Balances and Tint Adjustments for XT-2

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    Nov 26, 2016
    Peter Brock
    I finally got around to creating some camera profiles in Lightroom for the Fuji X-T2. I use the xrite Color Checker Passport and its software. To perhaps save you some post-processing time, I thought I would share what I found in terms of Temp and Tint adjustments (I use LR and so that is what I am used to using). I only shoot RAW, but I would assume you could set these as custom in the camera for JPEG's. Anyway, here is what I found:

    Full Sun: Temp 5450, Tint +24
    Shade: Temp 6450, Tint +29
    Sodium Vapor Lights at Night: Temp 2,350, Tint: +25

    Flash with and without CTO's:
    No Gel: Temp 6200-6500, Tint +5
    ½ CTO: Temp 4250, Tint +10
    1.0 CTO: Temp 3350, Tint +14
    1.5 CTO: Temp 2650, Tint +9
    2.0 CTO: Temp 2300, Tint +10
    .5 CTB: Temp 14,000, Tint +22
    1.0 CTG: Temp 5650, Tint +71

    I have not been able to do calibrations yet for cloudy, foggy, tungsten, or fluorescent lighting, but will do so when I get that weather.

    I hope this helps save some time. By the way, the xrite system was recommended to me by the guy who taught me Lightroom, has written several books, and is a certified Adobe expert. I think the system is great -- I use the Color-Munki for the display, and the passport for camera calibration. It is available from B&H.
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