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    Hello all,

    I wanted to test a setting shared by, I believe, Massimiliano of Riflessifotografici. He uses it in the streets, but I wanted to test at the beach: All photos SOC JPEG. I only had to increase exposure in some instances and I had to make the dog brighter (by the way, not my dog). Another remark: pics definitely benefit from further post-processing but I wanted to see the SOC results.

    I am curious what your thought are about the results and my - very, very brief/quick test.

    First a shot with DR200 in M-format and ISO100 as the "benchmark":

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    BeachWalk-2013-001.jpg by Peter Nievaart, on Flickr

    Next shots with the settings-to-be-tested:
    autoISO 800 - L 4:3 - F - DR100 - Film Astia - Color +2 - Sharpness +2 - Highlight -2 - Shadow +1 - Noise -2

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    BeachWalk-2013-002.jpg by Peter Nievaart, on Flickr

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    BeachWalk-2013-008.jpg by Peter Nievaart, on Flickr

    And finally the dog that just went by. I had to shoot quickly so it's not ideal. As said, I also had to use an adjustment brush to actually see the dog instead of the silhouette.

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    BeachWalk-2013-003.jpg by Peter Nievaart, on Flickr
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    Feb 1, 2013
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    I like the shot of the dog, quite dramatic. I also prefer your second set of settings, with higher contrast.
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    Mar 12, 2013
    The dog looks great. Interesting set up, did you find it on riflessifotografici site or is Max writing also in these forums?
    Having just got an X10 myself, I'm trying to find my way 'round its various settings...

  4. pniev

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    I found it at fujirumors.com that links to the riflessiste and translated version (my italian is a little rusty, in other words I can't read it ;-) ).
    I believe I interpreted his M-mag setting like this. I may also have tweeked some things based on a ebook I have on the X10. I am not sure.

    To my knowledge, he is not active on this forum. It would be great if he was, because their photos (and knowledge) are superb.