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    Hey Man by dixeyk, on Flickr

    Abuela by dixeyk, on Flickr

    While I would have liked a shallower DOF to isolate the subjects a bit better given that these were shot in a moving car, in terrible light, I'm pretty pleased with the results. The X10 continues to surprise me (in a good way). My son seems to be rapidly progressing through his rock star looks. It was 60's Mick Jagger a few days ago but he's definitely got a 90's Seattle thing going on today.

    I push everything through LR (and Silver Efex Pro 2 for BW) and I find the JPEGs from the X10 to be very forgiving and easy to work. I typically don't need to do much. On rare occasions I do some NR but most often a little adjusting of the contrast in Silver Efex Pro and then I add some vignetting. The files themselves always seem to have great detail and sharpness and even in challenging conditions the dynamic range is better than I would expect. I find myself very impressed with that zoom ones.

    MF, Aperture Priority, -1/3 Exposure Comp, Sharpness +1, NR +1, Highlight Tone -1, Auto1600, DR200...and I have been playing with DR400 a bit
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    Unbelievably great portraits with the X10, thanks for sharing these along with your settings.
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    Very nice portraits! Can't believe you did it with MF. I tried MF when I had the X10, and never left AF after that. Bravo. :)
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    Oops sorry Hyubie...MF wasn't manual focus...it's MEDIUM FINE (resolution). I always use the X10) on AF (that'll teach me to use photo-geek shorthand in future posts). I have played with manual focus and I don't care for it. I think it would be much more doable with the available focus peaking on the X20. That said, I think the AF on the X10 is quire good.

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    Feb 4, 2013
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    Good to know. You are human after all. Haha! :D
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    Really nice photos!
    And thanks for sharing your settings and PP. That is a great idea and will help everyone, I hink. I will try to do the same.
    Thanks again, Peter
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    Just curious: did you use the DR400 setting with MF here? What was the ISO number?

    Thnx, Peter
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    DR400 with MF (medium fine)...it's ISO 100
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    You're really working that thing, Kevin! Beautiful shots.
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    Remarkably fine, just remarkably fine, NOTHING like good B+W.

    But hey, what's the matter with you? Don't you know there's no post-processing support for X Cameras ? ? ? Well, well, Despite what you've heard folks, our friend here DIDN'T get the memo.

    And thanks for posting your settings, but two questions: Why MF, and do you find that with the highlight tone down 1 that they don't run away as easily?

    Again, NICE.
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    I have read that the differences in MF (Medium Fine) and LF (Large Fine) are pretty small and that does appear to be the case. I took the highlight down to keep form getting blown out images and it seems to work. I have also played around with RAW and it doesn't seem to be problematic in LR but I don't see that much difference between the RAW and JPEG files so I've been sticking with JPEG for now.

    Thanks for the kind words.
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    Kevin, what a nice big blast of fresh air to see these X10 images on a dreary day here in the NY metro area...as I continue to amass info for my taxes.

    The image quality is excellent and I had to laugh at your description of your son's hair style iterations! He's going to enjoy seeing these when he's quite a bit older and so will his girlfriend/s.:biggrin_old:

    Got to love those Whoop Ass Hot Sauce guys - they look like rustlers to me!