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    A follow up to my previous post { Fuji Is The New Leica }, here's an excerpt from Zack Arias' blog about the X100s (Amin also posted on the front page - but here's a link anyways):

    Fuji x100s Review :: A Camera Walks Into A Bar • Photography By Zack Arias • ATL • 404-939-2263 • studio@zackarias.com

    "Yeah. I know. It’s not about the gear. I know. Yep. Uh huh. Damn I love this camera. And yes. All you red dot lovers… Fuji is the new Leica. I’ll meet you in the back alley and we can fight it out if you want. Kodak could use a little entertainment."

    Great gear review...the best I've read in a long time. Strong words of conviction. No doubt, it caused quite a bit of stir and responses - positive and negative - across the "weblogternet". I know that he's talking about the "romance" of it all, and quite frankly I get what he's saying. There's nothing like my X100...she does have soul, the first digital camera that I've really had a connection to - much like my Pentax in the days when I shot film. And the X100 is a keeper...like the memory of my first girlfriend that I shared a kiss with for the first time...despite the new, much younger and more capable "mistress" in the household, the sexy S. And honestly, even if someday I got the privilege to own a Leica...there's always going to be a special place in my heart for the Fuji X100.

    Zack added yesterday in his blogpost:

    "ETA – 3/26 – I don’t think I got my point across clearly enough about Fuji being the new Leica. I’m going to be making a follow up blog post about that next week to spell out my opinion on the matter."

    Fellow FujiXSpot member "CaptZoom" said it best "the X100s embodies the Leica spirit". Personally, can't wait to see what he's got to say to 'splain himself further. ;) Let's see next week. :)
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    Indeed, the wording "leica spirit" explains a lot, perhaps with the addition "the digital heir of". Let's hope that one day the Fuji spirit will be the yardstick.
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    Mar 22, 2013
    They way Fuji's going with the new batch of cameras, it won't take long:). I hope Fuji starts supporting full frame in the coming years- can you imagine the dynamic range when X-Trans goes FF?
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    That would be something!
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    That would be something, indeed!