XT10 or XT20?

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    I've been tempted by the idea of selling my X100T (which I love) and upgrading to an X100F. This, with the teleconverter would cover 80% of my shooting needs. That said, for a while now I've had this fantasy of moving away from the m43 system (my EM5II, while a good camera, just doesn't inspire me to pick it up and shoot the way the X100T does) and just shooting with an X100 series camera, the teleconverter and an X-mount body with the 56mm F1.2. The idea of just 35mm, 50mm and 85mm equivalent focal lengths is very appealing to me.

    I know the AF speed on the 56mm isn't the fastest and I do find that the AF on my X100T can be frustrating at times with candid shots, resulting in me using the 'shutter mash' technique more than I'd care to. I have no issue with the IQ, menu system, or lack of features (ACROS, limited video capabilities) of the 16MP X-Trans II cameras, but am wondering if there is compelling reason to go for the XT20 over the XT10 if I'm only planning on getting the 56mm lens. I know there are significant improvements to the AF system on the X-Trans III cameras, but do those made a noticeable difference with the AF speed and/or accuracy with the 56mm? If not, I'd probably be happy with the XT10 and saving the extra cash as they drop in price or are available for less on the used market.
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    Hi, Eric. Unless Rico or someone else has had access to a production X-T20 and a 56mm at the same time, your answer might have to wait. A number of us have "pre-ordered" X-T20's - including myself. We're still waiting for delivery. But, as you note yourself, the theoretical improvements in autofocus with the new camera - particularly when it comes to tracking - are substantial. I wish I could give you more than that.
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    Of course, some of us X-T20 preorder folks will have used X-T10 to sell in the near future. If you decide to go that way, there should be a few bargains out there.
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    Perhaps my experience will be of interest. I started with the X-T1 and kit 18-135 lens and loved the jpeg IQ (vs my NIKON D7100) but didn't like the handling. I bought the X-T10 as it was offered in a bundle with the 18-55 and 55-200 lenses so was a really good deal. I prefer the X-T10 and took it with the 18-135 and an aftermarket handgrip on a 2 week tour through Italy. I never had a problem with autofocus, exposure, ISO (set to Auto) etc. Even in the dark and contrasty canals of Venice and the narrow and sometimes dark streets of Florence and Sienna the camera coped well with the conditions. I shot some record pics from the moving coach and these also came out well (apart from motion blur of close subjects). I printed around 60 pics from the out of camera jpegs and displayed about 30 at an exhibition (3 at 24X16 ins and the rest at 12X8 ins). As an old slide film shooter I tend to work in camera and don't do much post-production. I also started shooting 2 themes - Scooters and Bicycles of Italy as these machines are so popular and the combinations of vehicle and riders are so interesting. These are difficult subjects. But I had no problems with the camera / lens combination - the problem was all mine - slowness in responding, not forseeing opportunities, standing in the wrong place etc.
    I have recently bought the X-T2 (my wife has taken over the X-T10 18-55 combo as she loves the camera - note that she is a technophobe so this speaks well of the X-T10 handling - and uses it to photograph her artworks). Personally, I'm not overly impressed with the X-T2 autofocus speed (yes, it has improved over the X-T1 / X-T10) but I believe it still trails behind the Nikon D7100 (and an older Fuji HS50 I still own - now that camera could focus!)
    Knowing what I do now, if I were in your position I'd get the X-T10, The X-T20 prices are likely to remain high for a while yet. And that X-T10 is a lovely photographic instrument.
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    Since you don't have a Fuji ILC yet and unless it's a budget issue, at this point, to me, it makes more sense to get the latest model with the most advanced features, even if you don't think you will use them all. There is also the consideration that except for firmware upgrades needed to sell you more lenses, the X-T10 is done, where as the X-T20 could see feature upgrades worth getting.

    I have an X-E2 with the 23mm f1.4 and 14mm f2.8 and an X100T. I only used the X100T from the beginning of September to until the end of 2016 and there were very few times where I missed having the 14mm with me. Plus, even when I go out with the X-E2, I only take one lens and that is usually the 23mm. So, I'm seriously considering selling my X-E2 kit and possibly putting the money towards an X100F unless the X-E3 shows up.

    We are leaving on a three week cruise later this month and after waffling back and forth, I've decided to take the X100T and leave the X-E2 home. Except for the strap, this is my entire X100T travel kit; two extra NP-95 batteries, VU Scion 49mm UV filter on the X100T, VU Scion 49mm CPL, Hoya 49mm 6-stop Solid IRND, Tiffen 49mm 3-stop ND Grad, A small RG filter pouch with belt loop that holds three filters plus the batteries and a spare Sandisk Extreme Pro 16GB SDHC card, plus a Minolta 49mm lens cap to confuse people.
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    For your case, I'd go with the X-T10 and save yourself some money. It's going to be a great camera capable of equally great photos for years to come. And everything you have mentioned as not being necessary are the reasons to get the T20.
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